Petal. The Christine Woodberry Memorial Trust

Christine WoodberryChristine Woodberry lost her battle with ovarian cancer on 13th April 2008. She was a loving wife, mother and grandmother. She was a special lady - many said that until the latter stages of her illness they didnt even know she was ill. She hid the pain remarkably well and never ever complained. She even concerned herself with the progress of other patients she met in the cancer treatment wards constantly asking how they were doing. Christine herself worked to support charities and with her famous Christmas lights succeeded in raising well over £10,000 which following her diagnosis went to support cancer care for children aswell as her local oncology unit.

It is in recognition of her brave, dignified fight with cancer that Petal will help to recognise and support the courage and determination of the thousands of men, women and children throughout England and Wales who work with and cope with cancer everyday. It is through our various fundraising events and with generous corporate and public sponsorship we will continue to raise funds that will help in the care, treatment and support of cancer patients and their families.